self-determination theory and motivation

Understanding Self-Determination Theory and Motivation

Motivating others starts with motivating yourself.

People are often motivated to act by extrinsic motivators—external rewards such as money, prizes, and acclaim. This is where many leaders and companies focus…


Top 10 Quotes for Perseverance

Starting a new goal or staying true to your current goals can be tough, especially when you feel like giving up. Here are 10 quotes about perseverance to give you…

Motivating your team

The Ins and Outs of Motivating Your Team

Part of the art of leadership is learning how and when to best motivate team members.

We all know what it feels like to be motivated—to feel that drive or…

Smart Goal Setting

How are those New Year goals coming?

Answer these questions to set—or reset—yourself up for success.

It’s hard to start a new year without thinking about how to make this the year you accomplish…


What you don’t say matters too

Good leaders are good communicators—even when they don’t say a word.

Of the many ways we communicate day to day, nonverbal communication is often overlooked. What we say, write, and…

Creating a Culture of Success Part 2: The Leader’s Solution by Mike Nally, Founder and CEO

Part 1 of this series on culture talks about the leader’s challenge to create a culture of success—the what of culture and the why it matters. This time, let’s look…

Creating a Culture of Success Part 1: The Leader’s Challenge By Mike Nally, Founder and CEO

Think about your favorite workplace, sports team, restaurant, and family you love to visit. The people that made these moments special for you were part of unique and special cultures.

Academic Leadership and Culture: Nally’s Reading List

Looking for some leadership insight and a new summer read? We have some great recommendations! All recommended by our seasoned Leadership Coach, Mike Nally, you are sure to find some…

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