Communication Training: Hear What our Clients Have to Say!

The participants of our Communication Training sessions learn the elements of effective communication and understand how to leverage them in their professional and personal lives. Our clients master these skills and see an immediate positive impact on productivity, job satisfaction, loyalty, communication, and more. 

“The team gained self-reflection and increased confidence. They were all stronger than they gave themselves credit for. Through the training, they realized that they could survive and even thrive outside of their comfort zone.”Glenn Damanti, Principal at Federated Lighting.


“Mike and his team provide training and solutions that are business-focused, measurable, and effective. After several sessions, you will be fundamentally changed as a leader.” – Sharon Abrams, Human Resources Manager at Commonwealth Trust Company.


How does Nally Ventures create positive connections? Borden Edgerton, Specification Sales at Federated Lighting of Virginia.



“One valuable takeaway from the training I use constantly is preparing for a one-on-one or group meeting, thinking about how I will be heard, and how to allow others to contribute. I am constantly reading the room.” – Chuck Derickson, Engineering Project Manager at ALOFT AeroArchitects.

Why do you recommend the Nally Ventures Communication Training? Jacob Tame, Specification Sales at Federated Lighting of Virginia.



“I reach into the ‘Nally bag’, the lessons learned from our sessions, on a regular basis. I knew it would be an investment; I didn’t know at the time that it would stick with the team and me as well as it has. I almost feel like I have a secret weapon that I can reference when issues arise.” – Jennifer Underwood, COO at APPI Energy.

We love knowing how our training cultivates a positive company culture and sparks success! If you are interested in experiencing results like these and becoming an extraordinary leader with our professional development training, learn more here.


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