What kinds of results can executive coaching lead to?

Executive coaching is an individually focused development tool that also provides business results.

When you invest in executive coaching, you’re making a relatively short-term investment with long-term payoffs, both for the individuals being coached and their organizations.

Individuals gain essential skills they can carry with them throughout their careers. Organizations benefit from having their high-potential employees move closer to reaching their full potential—able to lead projects, people, and the organization’s purpose.

We introduced four coaching participants here. Now let’s look at the outcomes of their sessions, from their perspectives and those of their managers.
  • Sales Manager Andy achieved greater self-awareness and awareness of others.
    “The program provided me with additional insight into my strengths and weaknesses, and gave me a different perspective on my form of leadership, delegation and management skills. It certainly opened my eyes to other people’s possible perceptions and gave me valuable insight as to how to better myself as a team member and a manager.”
His manager noted “This program has helped Andy focus, prioritize, and elevate himself as he balances strategy with tactics. By helping him focus, he is working to be a more effective communicator to those in the company so they value his input more and execute in line with his intentions.”


  • Sales Rep Bart credits his coaching with giving him “different perspectives for handling various business scenarios in a positive/forward-moving manner.” He notes that “effective communication built stronger team members and confidence throughout the organization. Delegation to others got the team more involved in day-to-day functions.”
His manager says “Bart is the leader of this office when called upon. This program helped him gain proficiency in being that leader, collaborating with his fellow managers, and implement strategies with the office. He has gained confidence to question his and the team’s own methods. He is now challenging the status quo in efforts to take the agency to the next level of closing business.”


  • Operations Manager Cathy was able to “bridge a gap in creating a better platform for management” and learn how to “gauge the issues that were ongoing on a daily basis, pay attention to how often these issues were experienced, and be able to measure changes in procedure to eliminate these issues.”
    Her manager noted her increase in self-confidence and capability, particularly as a new manager. “As Cathy was new to being empowered as a true manager, this program helped her gain confidence and understand how to take her ideas and implement them in order to deploy her strategy and tactical plans, rather than having to wait on a higher-level principal to enact them for her.”


  • Field Service Engineer Devin achieved the communication competency he was looking for, saying “I always felt my communication method was lacking but never sure how or what it was missing. I have added additional perspectives and more methods to promote communication for our business.” He noted the organization benefited from “reduced back and forth” and that “removing assumptions clarifies goals and better serves the customer.”
His manager observed Devin’s ability to think more strategically, noting ““In meetings Devin’s thoughts are more concise and I can tell he is considering big-picture items when putting thoughts together. His abilities and fit reflect on our company. He has been able to develop a following, which allows us to gain preference in the market. Every month the business gets stronger.”

People come to executive coaching for different reasons and with different goals. The coach’s role is to give them tools, techniques and guidance that helps them bring those goals to life. Our sessions are so productive because they address the root cause of obstacles that are preventing participants from reaching their full potential. Through our coaching, participants gain the awareness and know-how to think and act differently—ultimately making choices and acting in ways that lead to better outcomes for themselves, their teams, and their organization.

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