Accountability, ownership, and being a great leader – Part 1

Understanding the See, Be, Do, Cause™ methodology

We’ve all heard of and possibly encountered “born leaders.” These people have a natural ability to take charge of situations, connect with others, and lead people to achieve a common purpose or goal. But not all great leaders are born that way—most have learned to be that way through their experiences and by committing to and deliberately working to refine their leadership skills.

See, Be, Do, Cause™ is a Nally Ventures methodology that builds leadership prowess through ownership and accountability:

  • “Seeing” means being self-aware, socially aware, and emotionally intelligent. It’s being able to view the entire context of a situation, including the available resources, the situational environment, the people involved, and where you fit into that big picture.
  • “Being” is a leader’s essence, displayed in the vibe or attitude they give off to others that either attracts or repels. In order to lead, you must have people willing to follow you—a great leadership being enables faith, trust, and commitment.
  • “Doing” is about the choices leaders make to do something or delegate something. Leaders can’t do it all by themselves, but must make sure everything is done. So they need an in-depth understanding of what they do well themselves and what their team can do well.
  • “Causing” is the effect of a leader’s actions or inactions. In the Army Ranger handbook, “the leader is responsible for all that happens and doesn’t happen.” Causing is about asking “What do I want to cause and why?” and making decisions accordingly.

You will be able to get the results you want if you understand:

  • Who you are
  • What you are trying to cause
  • Why it is important to you
  • What the consequences of your actions and inactions will be

How See, Be, Do Cause Works
In every situation, each person must decide how to act—or not to act—centered around their view of the situation and their attitude toward the rewards and risks of what they do or don’t do. This assessment is influenced by their level of self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

People decide what to do based on how they feel about the situation. They decide how to act based on two things: what they know how to do and what they’re willing to do to cause their success.

The net results of this combination of what you see, who you are being, and what you do or don’t do produces some result in any given situation. This is what you have caused.

To be at your best as a leader, you must have a true understanding of what you are trying to cause and be able to evaluate those results from moment to moment.

You must then decide if you want to take ownership and be accountable for whatever you intend to cause. If you choose to be accountable, you will be able to measure each of your leadership choices in order to see how well they serve yourself, others, and your intended cause.

The concept of owning your results is the foundation of the See, Be, Do, Cause methodology. Owning what you have caused or not caused is a transformational leadership concept. Accepting that you are accountable for all that happens or doesn’t happen around you takes a very high level of self-awareness, psychological hardiness, and personal commitment to positive leadership.

See, Be, Do, Cause is a foundational component of our leadership development programs because it empowers leaders to be more self-aware and take a measured and measurable approach in every situation so they can make the best choice possible. It creates a continuous state of awareness and accountability that increases leadership effectiveness.

Do you want to be a more effective leader? It really is a choice you make.

Next time, we’ll look at how to apply See, Be, Do Cause to become a stronger and more impactful leader.

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