Unrelenting resourcefulness
Unrelenting resourcefulness: The key ingredient in every leader’s recipe for success.

Excellent leaders accurately assess what’s needed, what’s possible, and what it’s going to take – lather, rinse, repeat. 

Leaders are tasked with solving problems every day. Many are easy to solve. But then there are those that present a big challenge. Or even problems that have never surfaced before. When this happens, leaders can find themselves outside their comfort zone, unsure of how to find a solution. The best leaders are able to use resourcefulness to solve any problem. But for many, being resourceful doesn’t come naturally, and is a skill that needs to be developed and nurtured through practice.

What does that practice look like? Start with these four things resourceful leaders do: 


  • They plow ahead.

They find a way to improve the situation or make progress with whatever resources are available at the moment, and they try to acquire additional leveraging resources. The resourceful leaders say, “This is what I’ve got today. I’m going to do the best I can with what I’ve got today, and I’m going to figure out how to get a little bit more for tomorrow.”

  • They model resourcefulness for their team.

Because if their team sees them constantly trying to figure out new, innovative ways to use time, treasure, tools and talent, they’re going to pattern that behavior. 

  • They own resourcefulness as part of their job.

So many times in business, managers are complaining that workers aren’t doing enough, and workers are complaining that they’re not getting enough direction. That’s a resourcefulness gap. Don’t wait to bridge it. Ask “What do you need from me to be successful today?”

  • They keep pushing.

That’s the relentless part. They challenge themselves by asking, “Is this my best, Our best? They don’t ask someone else that question to try to blame the; they take it upon themselves to dig deeper. All it takes is a bit of gain every day to add up to big things at the end of a project or the end of the year. 


This is the art of leadership. Being able to take whatever’s there, in your ingredients that day, and being engaged enough and resourceful enough to make it the best recipe for success.

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