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Do You “Own” Ownership?

Excellent leaders don’t set out to be leaders…They set out to make a difference. It’s never about the role – always about the goal. 

Do you “own” ownership? When I ask this question at the start of a training workshop or for the first time in a coaching session, the answer is always, “Yes. Of course I do” [insert the eye roll or their inner voice that says, “you dummy”]! But as we begin to break down what ownership really means and examine what makes a great leader, I love to watch that aha moment surface, as it always does, when participants realize that their definition is quite different.

To be the best leader you can be, you have to first understand the true definition of ownership: 

Ownership is a mindset. You have to WANT to own ownership. You have to see it as a secret sauce that you believe will create tangible, positive results for you, your team, your business or your company. Whatever it is you want to accomplish, it has to be important enough to you to make it happen, no matter what. No excuses. No blame. No fear. No relenting. You will need to consciously choose how you spend your time, talent, resources and money every day. Are you willing to make sacrifices – for yourself and your team – any time? You have to be.

Think of someone you know (could be at work or at home) who displays the highest level of ownership. What is it that she or he does? How does it make you feel? Now you try it. Identify something important to you at work that you need or want to change. What will you have to do differently to truly own it and make it happen? 

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