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I want to develop as a leader, but I don’t know where to start! What should I focus on first?

So, you’re eager to embark on your leadership development journey but feeling a bit lost on where to begin? Not to worry – if you’re seeking some guidance on how to kickstart your personal and professional growth and development, we’ve got some valuable insights to help you get started on your path to becoming a more effective leader. Diving into the realm of leadership starts with mastering the art of leading yourself.

“The most important person you will lead is YOU!”
– Mike Nally, Founder & CEO of Nally Ventures and former Army Ranger

Here at Nally Ventures, we’ve honed our own methodology, which is designed to empower leaders through self-awareness, ownership, and accountability. Our approach, known as See, Be, Do, Cause, lays a solid foundation for leaders eager to evolve and thrive personally and professionally. It helps leaders take a meaningful and measurable approach in every situation so that they can make the best choice possible for themselves and those they lead. Let’s break it down:

  • “See” entails cultivating strong emotional intelligence. It’s about self-awareness and social awareness—gaining a comprehensive understanding of the context of any given situation and your role within it.
  • “Be” revolves around embodying the essence of leadership—how you attract or repel others through your demeanor and actions.
  • “Do” encompasses the strategic choices leaders make, whether it’s taking direct action, communicating with others, or delegating tasks. As a leader, you have to either do it or delegate it to make progress toward a goal! Effective leaders recognize their strengths and leverage the capabilities of their team to achieve collective goals.
  • “Cause” delves into the ripple effects of a leader’s decisions or lack thereof. It involves asking yourself: What outcomes am I striving to achieve, and why? Understanding your motives and aligning your actions accordingly is key. In the Army Ranger handbook, “the leader is responsible for all that happens and doesn’t happen.”

Now, let’s put the See, Be, Do, Cause methodology into practice. The concept of owning your results is the foundation. To be at your best as a leader, you must have a true understanding of what you are trying to cause and be able to evaluate those results from moment to moment and own the outcomes. Your goal is to see and assess the current situation, establish what outcome or cause is most appropriate, adapt your being, mindset, demeanor, or attitude to what you intend to cause, and then decide what you are going to do next to have a positive impact. Do you need to act, not act, communicate a message, delegate a task, motivate, or inspire in order to have the leadership effect you want?

Leadership is a never-ending journey that requires emotional intelligence, conscious action, and ownership of everything you cause along the way. See, Be, Do, Cause is a tool to help you in that journey. When you work toward creating the psychological hardiness, vision, attitude, and skills to own more outcomes as a leader, you will then create more success in your life and the lives of those around you.

Do you want to be a more effective leader? It really is a choice you make.

Our founder, Mike Nally, developed the See, Be, Do, Cause methodology, and you’ll find it throughout our development and coaching programs. It’s helped thousands of people take ownership of their own lives and success as they grow as leaders and as individuals.

How can we help your leaders and business excel?